Our Democracy Has Always Evolved And A Moment Comes When The Mood For Change Is Undeniable

It doesn’t’ seem too long ago that we had the commons debate in Parliament, 3rd November to be exact. But despite our frustrations on the day it is clear that a fire has been well and truly lit under the votes at 16 issue. It can’t and won’t be ignored. And now it seems there are whispers of support all across the Tory camp.

While the debate on the Private Members Bill was curtailed by a small number of filibustering Tory MPs, it was evident that there was a body of support with over 160 MPs in parliament to back the Bill. It was a bill which was signed by every party sitting in the commons bar just one, the DUP. Importantly, on that day I know that those few were not representative of many other Tory MPs who support progression. There were some brave but lonely Conservative voices in the Chamber that day, and I salute their courage in standing up to the shrinking old guard in their ranks.

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