Ignore Boris Johnson’s posturing: only Labour will fund the NHS properly

Another appalling, yet predictable, winter crisis is in full swing.

More than 100,000 patients have so far waited more than 30 minutes in the back of ambulances upon arriving at A&E. That’s more than one in eight of the patients rushed to hospital this winter.

Almost every hospital in England has consistently had dangerously few free beds. Average bed occupancy this winter has been at 93.9 per cent and in the week ending January 14, that peaked at a staggering 95.7 per cent. That’s more than 10 per cent above safe levels.

Read more from Jonathan Ashworth for The Times here: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/news/ignore-johnson-s-posturing-only-labour-will-give-the-nhs-the-funding-it-needs-qxmjv8276